The University of Connecticut offers advanced training in neuroscience at the main campus in Storrs and the Health Center in Farmington. Neuroscience is a key component of UConn's Core Research Initiative, and over 70 faculty are actively engaged in research spanning molecular, cellular, circuits, systems, behavioral, cognitive, and computational neuroscience. Follow the links below for details about our different graduate programs and their affiliated faculty.

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Cross-departmental programs

Upcoming Events

  1. May 19 20th Annual Neuroscience Retreat 9:00am
  2. May 24 Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Xiao Yang1:00pm
  3. May 25 RIP Talk - Ragan12:00pm
  4. May 26 RIP Talk - Yao11:00am
  5. Jun 1 RIP Talk - Vedantham12:00pm
  6. Jun 2 RIP Talk - Xing11:00am
  7. Jun 8 RIP Talk - Ramasamy12:00pm
  8. Jun 9 RIP Talk - Zong11:00am
  9. Jun 15 RIP Talk - Benoit12:00pm
  10. Jun 16 RIP Talk - Sutter11:00am